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hmmh and searchHub Partnership Announcement

hmmh and searchhub Partnership

searchhub partners with leading global agency

hmmh and their parent, Serviceplan Group, are heralded as one of the most highly rated, privately owned agencies globally. For more than 25 years hmmh has been managing the in-house digital transformation, to the front end solutions and designs for the world’s most successful brands, along the way giving life and direction to what is known today as connected commerce.

Adding to the core value of connected commerce allows hmmh to augment their brand development strategies by supplying a bolt-on software solution that opens the door to enhance every onsite search system across all of their brands without overly inflated project costs or having to strap their customers with large vendor changes. This ad-hoc flexibility allows hmmh to effortlessly increase customer engagement, and drive lifetime order value.

"We welcome hmmh as a competent agency partner furthering both our journey’s along a more user centric approach to optimization that ensures brands and customers work more closely together as partners in the purchase funnel." Markus Kehrer -

About hmmh

hmmh is Germany’s leading agency in connected commerce. Over 300 colleagues work at their offices in Bremen (headquarters), Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. For more than 25 years, they have pioneered the development of digital business, watching the limits between on and offline fade away. The transformation from a multichannel business to connected commerce requires holistic, flexible and seamlessly interconnected strategies and processes. To this end, hmmh designs intelligent overarching business solutions. In line with their value proposition: “consult • create • care” hmmh offers comprehensive and individualized consultation, accompanying both national, and internationally successful businesses.

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