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 Increase the return of your current site search without budging a finger.

Better Results

Not all traffic is good traffic. searchHub uses AI to increase the amount of qualified traffic to the keywords that deliver the best results for your customers, and for your business.

Rank auto-suggest
by relevant business metrics

Auto-suggest is often a customer’s first point of contact with your shop. Mixing KPIs like trends and popularity ensures search suggestions guide customers according to their intent, increasing shop usability, and shortening clicks to basket.

Increase search volume to prominent keywords

searchHub groups keyword variations into clusters. This means, even customers who enter an unexpected query or mistype a keyword receive relevant search results, as if they’d entered one of your most prominent search terms.

Better Customer

Meeting customers with intuitive auto-suggest sorting, showing them curated result pages instead of haphazard fuzzy product matches, goes a long way toward facilitating a better customer experience.

Increased Perceived
Brand Relevance

When customers receive quick and relevant results (“red pants size 8”) your brand becomes anchored to a positive personal experience. Next time they search the web for products within your offering, they’re more likely to perceive your shop as their trusted advisor.

searchHub Analytics Lady
Digital drawing of a woman reclining, while interacting with data on a dashboard.

Increased Brand
Interaction Frequency

Trust is achieved through positive personal experience. Site search is personal by nature. searchHub gives customers one more reason to keep coming back to your shop. After all, you have the products they’re looking for, and now they’re simpler to find.

What Clients Say

“searchHub took our current search solution to a new level, and significantly increased conversion.”

Dirk Hahn Area Manager Online Marketing at Lidl E-Commerce International GmbH

“searchHub makes it easier for us to guide customers through our assortment. We control our search solution even better because of intelligent long-tail clustering. We now have less effort to maintain our merchandising campaigns, and the search analytics are more transparent. The value per session increased, ad-hoc, by more than 20%."

Dominik Brackmann Managing Director - eCommerce at

"Building our own Solr search solution is difficult to manage. It was our goal to add an optimization layer to the site search without replacing it. With searchHub, our internal tech team can continue working on SolR search while still staying flexible. searchHub runs in the background and ensures Solr delivers the best results possible! We are pleased with the improvement in customer experience quality and the additional revenue it has generated."

Kaan Dönmez General Manager at

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searchHub helps search understand humans. As humans ourselves, we help our customers understand search and use it to affect differentiated gains.

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