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site search performance

Without lifting a finger.

Improve site search performance

searchHub clusters all keyword variations and identifies the best performing query for each customer’s intent. This design helps to keep your search engine free of confusion and helps you to give more customers a better experience…

… without lifting a finger.

Increase search and merch productivity

Tasks like increasing shop revenue and, more importantly, customer lifetime value, are indicators of long-term shop performance.

searchHub knowledge base does away with data inconsistencies. Teams pivot from blindly measuring the size of haystacks to leveraging the search long-tail to locate the needles within them. 

searchHub’s Data Science

the core of automated keyword variation clustering.

Your most vital ecommerce KPIs, increased across the board:

With searchHub’s clustering, fewer variations are sent to your search engine, which makes your technology more valuable. 
Now, your recommendation engine uses the query with the best performance to set rankings.

Variations like “ihpone” or “erd skrit” don’t affect your ranking algorithms anymore. searchHub makes sure your marketable keywords, like “iPhone” and “Red Skirt”, get more traffic.

Often, logged-in users miss out on tailored experiences because of a typo or because they don't know your product catalog.

searchHub clusters search term variations, and sends the best performing one to your search engine.

Your personalization efforts now reach a larger portion of the intended audience.

searchHub is like a team of site search engineers daily building algorithms to catch your complete search long-tail so that customers see correct products ALL the time.

searchHub infuses your curated landing pages with ALL associated traffic. Increasing your return.

searchHub query variation clustering consolidates your search traffic into the best performing query. This makes it easier to consolidate customer interest profiles, meaning richer, more efficient retargeting distribution.

Reliable keyword volume and usage metrics ensure accurate communication with customers around trends and regional highlights.

Discover emerging SEO and SEA keywords

Your search box gives vital details about product-consumer fit. searchHub clusters the complete search query long-tail. This increases the consumer relevance of site search analysis, bolstering SEO and SEA execution efficiency in the process.

Verifiable product interest data for CDP

searchHub’s clusters point to robust product interest data. This granular detail enhances customer lifetime value pipelines, allowing you to more efficiently activate the customer database.

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What Operations Says

"searchHub is a perfect complement to our existing site search. This is true because of the increased search result quality and also because of the simplification of the manual maintenance process as well."

Dirk Dettmer Marketing Manager at Rossmann GmbH

Markus Kehrer

Director Customer Excellence & Partner

Save hours each day and reduce human error rates!

Manually optimizing site search is time-consuming, inefficient and compromises shop performance. searchHub uses your shop’s data to improve your existing site search without more effort.

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