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search|hub is a search platform independent,
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Search is a key touchpoint in the buying process. It’s the place where the user is telling you what he wants. If your search engine speaks the same language as your users Search becomes a conversation. search|hub has specifically been designed to help your existing search engine to understand humans and drive these conversations.
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search|hub - super charge your site search

Deliver better results with better queries

search|hub automatically enhances your existing search engine by infusing natural language processing and reinforcement learning.

It understands search intent, improves search result relevance and has proven to increase sales from search up to 39%.

search|hub makes fuzzy-search relevant
& Language-Agnostic

Deliver better results with better technology

search|hub automatically handles Misspellings, Typos, Lemmatization and Word Decomposition for over 100 different languages.

Making Fuzzy Search as fast and easy as exact search.
Your users will always get the same consistent results for skateboard whether they search for scatebord, skatbord, skatebords or skate board.

search|hub is blazing fast - 99% of all requests are handled in under 0.00002s giving you room to handle up to 80.000 searches/second on a single instance.

search|hub can be used for a wide range of applications. For example Query correction, Chatbots, OCR post-processing, Record linkage, De-duplication, Matching DNA sequences, Fraud detection or Automated proofreading.




Phonetic Errors






Word Decomposition

~/basket ball

~/never mind

Phrase Matching

~!=/watch wristband

search|hub bridges the GAP between Search and AI

Deep Learning embedded

Accurate & consistent results

search|hub optimizes search queries by correcting spelling errors, typos and other forms of errors with unmatched accuracy & consistency and speed.

Self Learning Search Intent

search|hub uses a unique combination of NLP & Deep Learning to optimize every search request by correctly identifying customer intent and maximizing relevancy. As it gathers behavioral data it further refines the results for even greater relevance.

search|hub improves every search engine

Easy to implement
at no risk

With read-only access to your Analytics Platform and just two API calls, search|hub integrates as a proxy between your front-end application and your existing search engine(s) allowing search engineers and data scientists to enhance search logic and present better results to your users.

The search|hub QUERY API sits on top of your own search and rapidly integrates at no risk. Our API is generic and can be integrated with any search engine - even search engines that have been highly customized to meet your specific needs. There is no migration of your existing systems or complex UI integration.

search|hub - API integration

search|hub drives Big Results for its Customers

search|hub optimises over 51.500.000 unique search queries daily for its customers.


up to 40% more

Search Conversion

up to 27% more

Value per Search

up to 390%

higher Accuracy

99.95% of all requests

served in under 2 ms

- Dirk Dettmer
"searchhub is an ideal addition to the existing onsite search at Rossmann. Not only does this ring true for the gain in search result quality, but for the considerable simplification of the manual maintenance process as well.“
Marketing Manager at Dirk Rossmann GmbH
- Carsten Schmitz
“In CXP we have not only found a technological vendor, but we also gained a partner who actively participates in our daily on-site search optimizations with an incredible depth of experience. The speed at which we connected to SearchHub was a sprint, not a marathon, going from 0 to 100 in no time. A short time later, increased revenue was proof of success.”
Chief Digital Officer at INTERSPORT Deutschland e.G.
- Simon Frank
"With SearchHub we were able to easily improve our search result quality, especially for the longtail search phrases. Several A/B tests proved a significant impact of SearchHub on our search driven revenue."

Up to 15x Return on Investment

Up to 10% increase in Revenue per (Search) Visitor

Up to 5% increase in Conversion Rate

Managing Director - Cyberport GmbH
- Dirk Hahn
“The CXP search|hub has improved our current search solution to a new quality level and significantly increased the search conversion.”
Area Manager Online Marketing AT Lidl E-Commerce International GmbH
- Malte-Georg Gentsch
„With search|hub we have been able to increase our e-commerce search conversion rate by more than 30%. The intelligent clustering of recent search queries also automatically improves the suggested keywords in our search box.”
Department Manager Content and Project /
- Thomas Rebmann
"The result of an A/B test has clearly proven that search|hub increased the search conversion significantly. The interesting part about the test was, that search|hub is not a black box. The search|hub UI provides a clear view on the data and visualizes which queries get improved and why. Even though search|hub is AI driven, we as a customer are in full control of how we use the data which the machine learning part provides. The team around CXP over delivered the expectations we had. With search|hub we are now able to increase the search experience with our elastic search in all our 15 countries.“
CEO & Founder of
- Dominik Brackmann
"With CXP we can guide our customers even more effectively into our product assortment. The intelligent clustering of long-tail search traffic enables us to control our search solution even better. The maintenance effort for search merchandising campaigns has been reduced and search analytics are even more transparent. With search|hub, we have been able to increase the value per session ad-hoc by more than 20%."
Managing Director - eCommerce AT
- Malte Polzin
„SearchHub enables us to develop our own eCommerce search solution based on Elasticsearch with a data driven approach. The search experience we deliver to our clients is extremely important for us and SearchHub enables us with their unique expertise in this area.”
CEO at STEG Electronics AG
- Gunther Hahn
"CXP supports us in the implementation of a state-of-the-art search within our new Spryker webshop The combination of and Elasticsearch has proven to be a stroke of luck for us. Within a short time, we were able to realize our relaunch in more than 13 languages.“
Head of Digital AT SLV
- Henrik Fischer
"The team around CXP has been supporting us since 2014 as part of our on-site search strategy. With the migration to an in-house search solution based on SolR, we were looking for a data-driven search optimization within the Jako-o Online Shops. CXP quickly convinced us of during a test period. All relevant KPIs (e.g. zero results, value per search and conversion rate) could be significantly improved in a very short time - manual maintenance was almost not necessary. Today we use the CXP SearchHub on all our Online Shops and will use the data-driven approach in future site features as well.“
Head of E-Commerce Shop Management AT Jako-o Family
- Claus Leonhardt
“Timeliness is an important success factor for our business model. Through the use of search|hub we can react almost in real time to the current search behavior. Thus search|hub ideally complements the further development of our in-house SolR search system.”
Head of IT & Productmanagement AT Hugendubel Digital
- Bernd Koch
“The team around CXP is well known by BALDUR already for many years. A/B-Tests have shown that the CXP search|hub is able to increase significantly our search driven revenue by 10% and more from day one.”
Managing Director & Founder AT BALDUR Garten
- Kaan Dönmez
“We have long tried to develop our own search solution with SolR. The language specific difficulties and ever changing customer search patterns soon become impossible to manage and we understood that our development capabilities are not enough to handle all these challenges.
So we wanted to preserve our current investment and add a new layer as a service that will enhance our search, that can be language agnostic, improve and optimize with machine learning, requiring no IT investment.
CXP’s search|hub is a perfect fit for us at We kept the flexibility of our internal tech team to develop our SolR search and search|hub infuses its natural language understanding and data driven query optimization to deliver the best results possible! Increasing customer experience quality and driving incremental revenue.”
General Manager AT
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