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SLV builds on Open-Source and Expert Software

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Open Commerce Search Stack is like a tuning-kit for Elasticsearch. The combination is ideal - especially for Spryker shops. It's thrilling how many search issues are solved.

Gunther Hahn, Head of Digital at SLV
Gunther Hahn Head of Digital - SLV
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Make onsite search optimization efficient!

Search is direct interaction with your customers. Efficient optimization is your strongest business driver.

Even a good site search solution, with searchHub's data-driven tech, can benefit from increased performance. Our A/B test yielded increases in both the conversion rate and average order value.

Michael Spang, Head of Ecommerce at Arnulf Betzold
Michael Spang Head of Ecommerce - Arnulf Betzold

Decathlon Grows with Enhancements to Site Search

The Challenge

Ensure all related traffic is, efficiently, redirected to popular keyword landing pages.

The Solution

Discover the most prominent keywords and their related clusters, while linking these to the appropriate landing pages.

Products used

searchHub Add-on smartQuery and searchInsights to ensure automated discovery of best performing queries, clustering them, and allowing for automatic linkage to curated keyword landing pages.

Decathlon Grows with Enhancements to Site Search

SLV Relies on Open-Source and Expert Software for Onsite Search

Copyright SLV GmbH

SLV Relies On Open-Source And Expert Software for
Onsite Search

The Challenge

Optimize Elasticsearch to efficiently perform within a B2B ecommerce environment.

The Solution

Compensate for ecommerce deficits in Elasticsearch without changing any underlying technology to ensure consistent flow of business operations.

Products used

searchHub Open Commerce Search Stack (OCSS) and smartQuery add-on. OCSS augments Elasticsearch with robust product variant handling, while smartQuery clusters search term variants before sending the highest performing query to Elasticsearch.

I want to optimize my existing onsite search without tying up more internal resources or investing in yet another platform migration.

B2B Story

SLV shines a light on their B2B product catalog with searchHub

B2C Story

DECATHLON's journey to customer intent optimization with searchHub

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