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Minimal Backend IT Effort

searchHub sits within your search infrastructure, like an onion layer. Positioned between your customer and shop-system, there is no deep level integration or adjustment of business critical components required. 

Be up and running within 2-4 days.

Easy to understand documentation makes leveraging the power of over 20 years site search optimization experience,
as easy as activating an autopilot.

Risk Reduction

Migrating to a new site search solution? searchHub is platform independent.
That means any changes made with us, retain their effectiveness, no matter your underlying search engine.

What Clients Say

“Timeliness is important to the success of our business. Through the use of searchHub, we can respond to current search behavior in near real time. This makes searchHub the perfect complement to further develop our in-house Solr search system.”

Claus Leonhardt Head of IT & Productmanagement at Hugendubel Digital

"searchHub helped us implement a state-of-the-art search within our new Spryker webshop, the The combination of searchHub and Elasticsearch is a stroke of luck for us. We re-launched in more than 13 languages in a short period of time."

Gunther Hahn Head of Digital at SLV

Siegfried Schüle

Reduce your risk, while increasing the value of site search

We developed a lean integration process to get you optimizing your current site search within 48 hours. Additionally, by taking advantage of our searchCollector, you’ll gain transparent search KPI measurements for the entire business.

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