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This is how we do it!

site search optimization begins with granular data collection, leveraging data-science for state-of-the-art search journey analyses, providing the knowledge base for data-driven optimization, while decreasing manual effort (all without lifting a finger). 

This is what we do!

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searchHub Stackable Modules


smartQuery uses machine learning to group together all the different ways a search term can be written. The query with the highest search performance is sent to your search engine. Visitors see products that match their needs better. This leads to more revenue per search. The manual configuration options provide full flexibility for the search manager.


smartSuggest is a data-driven tool that was made to make your shop’s suggested search performance as good as it can be. searchHub’s knowledge base is essential for eliminating misspellings and improving suggestion relevance. Combine with searchCollector for ultimate control over your suggested search data.


searchInsights provides granular, site search analysis. Here, search managers measure the success of every query variation. searchInsights is purpose-built for complex query analysis, and is equipped with ready-made reports and flexible sorting options.


searchDataService takes advantage of your search-data-stream to optimize your shop’s potential. Identify words and phrases for decomposition on a per-language basis, and then infuse your product content with data-driven texts and titles. Generate query-based rankings using machine learning.


searchCollector is a first of its kind tracking, exclusively focused on anonymized customer search journeys. It provides the basis for the data-driven platform that is searchHub.

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searchHub "b" logo.