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with a simple integration, robust infrastructure and flexible performance-based pricing,
search|hub is trusted by the world’s leading global brands
and works with any search platform.

Process & Pricing

We create an individual pricing for each client. For this purpose, all relevant KPIs (success factors) for the search experience are defined together with the client and evaluated accordingly by A/B test procedures. At the end of the test phase, the client receives a management summary as well as a commercial offering.


We specifically designed our technology to enhance our clients existing search application, not to replace it. The search|hub QUERY API will sit on top of your own search engine and rapidly integrate at no risk. Our API is generic and can be integrated with any search engine - even search engines that have been or will be highly customized to meet your specific needs. There is no migration of your existing systems or complex UI integration.

Business Value

search|hub QUERY API can be integrated with your system and go live within a matter of days. As soon as you go live, you will see an immediate uplift in relevance, recall, search conversion and value per search. Ultimately, the API gives you control and you decide when it has been fully optimized to meet your business goals.

Need help getting started?
search|hub is committed to helping you grow your business. The whole company is dedicated to Customer Success, so whether you need technical support or advice on the best search for your business our team is always on hand to help. Please contact us.

search|hub drives Big Results for its Customers

search|hub optimises over 51.500.000 unique search queries daily for its customers.


up to 40% more

Search Conversion

up to 27% more

Value per Search

up to 390%

higher Accuracy

99.95% of all requests

served in under 2 ms

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