We recommend at least 1 month of site search data. If you prefer, searchhub can read the required data directly from your analytics system.
No. Site search algorithms compare the spelling of a keyword entered by your customers, with content available within your product database. SearchHub goes a step further, not only clustering all variations of keywords, but picking the keyword variation that brings the greatest performance increase to your shop.
Very well! SearchHub is live in over 15 languages. Language agnostic algorithms not only learn from your product catalog, but user behavior as well. This means we determine the keyword variation most likely to convert, independently of language.
SearchHub is site search independent. Optimizations made within SearchHub carry over to your new solution, ensuring peak performance from day one after migrating to a new site search.
Yes. SearchHub’s data-driven approach clusters all keyword variations behind the best performing representation of a cluster. We call this a MasterQuery. The B2B space is well-known for its myriad product specifications and variations. The resulting keyword longtail is quite significant. Longtail keyword variations are where SearchHub’s data-driven approach brings the greatest possible shop performance increases.
SearchHub is not a search engine. We use data to identify the highest performing keywords within your shop. We then combine all variations of these keywords into query clusters when they represent the same user intent. These clusters are filled with things like spelling mistakes, orthographic or phonetic mismatches or synonyms, and grouped under one common, best performing MasterQuery. SearchHub then sends this MasterQuery to your site search engine. As a result, your site search has less heavy lifting to do, is able to deliver results faster, and you are more easily able to optimize bespoke landing pages for your highest performing keywords, as you no longer need to account for all keyword variations.
Yes and no. SearchHub pricing is based on total online shop revenue. This means the number of searches can scale without incurring additional licensing fees.
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