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Wie Produkte gefunden werden

There are plenty of articles already out there that dig into this question and list the different pros and cons. But as in most cases, the honest answer is “it depends”.

The importance of Synonyms in eCommerce Search

Almost any person working with search is somehow aware of Synonyms and their importance when optimizing search to improve recall. Therefore, it will be no surprise to say that adding synonyms is one of the most essential methods of introducing domain-specific knowledge into any symbolic-based search engine.

How SmartQuery boosts onsite search query parsing with Querqy

Do you know Querqy? If you have a Lucene-based search engine in place – which will be Solr or Elasticsearch in most cases – you should have heard about Querqy Sounds like: “Quirky”! It’s a powerful query parsing and enhancement engine. It uses different rewriters to add context to the incoming search queries. The most basic rewriter uses a manual rule configuration to add Synonyms, Filters, and Up- and Down-Boostings for the final Lucene Query. More rewriters handle decomposition, number unit normalization, and replacements.

Benchmark Open Commerce Search Stack with Rally

In my last article, we learned how to create and run a Rally-Track. In this article, we’ll take a deeper and look at a real-world Rally example. I’ve chosen to use OCSS, where we can easily have more than 50.000 documents in our index and about 100.000 operations per day. So let’s begin by identifying which challenges make sense for our sample project.

From Search Analytics to Search Insights – Part 1

Over the last 15 years, I have been in touch with tons of Search Analytics vendors and services regarding Information Retrieval. They all have one thing in common: to measure either the value or the problems of search systems. In fact, in recent years, almost every Search Vendor has jumped on board, adding some kind of Search Analytics functionality in the name of offering a more complete solution.