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Optimize your existing site search, at scale, without replacing it!

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Why searchHub?

Does your site search receive thousands of keyword variations?

Is this too much for you to humanly optimize?

Have you already had the experience of migrating to a new search vendor, only to discover you’ve exchanged one set of site search optimization problems for another?

searchHub uses data-science, paired with AI,
to rewrite customer search term variations,
replacing them with the best performing related query
before sending them to your search engine…

At. Any. Scale.

… for any site search technology.

You get
more time.

Marketing drives
more traffic to landing pages.

Your customers get a
better user experience.

Your website makes
happier customers.

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Customers Getting More From
Existing Site Search

The Autopilot For
Your Existing
Ecommerce Site Search

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What’s in it for Me?


for your existing site search. No matter the vendor or shop tech in use.

Time saved

on site search optimization.
Let searchHub’s AI do the heavy lifting.


designed to make the most of every site search solution.


search results in line with customer intent every time.

Measurable Increase

of products added to the basket.

Happier Customers

increased usability, better brand experience.

More Revenue

customers more easily find products they want to buy, and buy more.

Positive Site-Wide Impact

on all search related KPIs.

Measurable Performance

individual searches are King, not sessions!

How We Help...

Ecommerce business manager optimizing onsite search with searchHub.


Measurable, differentiated return articulates the value of your software. searchHub makes it easy to do just that… and so much more!

Operations manager looking to capitalize on higher efficiency with searchHub


Save time optimizing site search and increase the effectiveness of your landing pages, while reducing your workload. 

Developer grinning because integrating searchHub is so easy.


Concise documentation and working integration samples make scoping software-install a piece of cake.

What Clients Say

“Even a good site search solution, with searchHub's data-driven tech, can benefit from increased performance. Our A/B test yielded increases in both the conversion rate and average order value.”

Michael Spang Head of Ecommerce at Arnulf Betzold GmbH

“BALDUR has known the searchHub team for many years. A/B-tests revealed that searchHub increased search-driven revenue by more than 10% from day one.”

Bernd Koch Managing Director & Founder at BALDUR Garten

“We increased our e-commerce search conversion rate by more than 30% with searchHub. The intelligent clustering of search query variations improved our suggested search, as well.”

Malte-Georg Gentsch Department Manager Content and Project - JYSK SE

“We found a technological vendor and gained a partner in searchHub. They contribute greatly to our daily site search optimization with an incredible wealth of experience. A sprint, not a marathon, was the speed at which we integrated searchHub. The reward was increased revenue.”

Carsten Schmitz Chief Digital Officer at INTERSPORT Deutschland e.G.

"Anyone who has had the privilege of optimizing search for 18 stores in a wide range of languages knows that this is a real challenge. So, we needed a solution that would allow us to scale with the given resources and language skills. With searchHub – an intelligent AI add-on for any type of search technology – we found that. Our Scayle Commerce platform could be connected with minimal IT effort. Now the AI does the legwork, and we can focus on the business decisions."

Florian Gehrlein Expert OnSite Search at Witt-Gruppe

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